The Worker Launch Scheduler is a long-running process that periodically checks the system clock and launches workers when their scheduled time to run is reached. It is intended for use only in special cases in which a worker’s launch time depends on factors outside of the nowcast system (such as the availability of atmospheric forcing model product files).

When the scheduler is started it uses the information in the Scheduled Workers section of the system configuration file to build the worker launch schedule. After that, the scheduler goes into an infinite loop in which it checks to see if it is time to launch a worker and then sleeps for a period of time. The default sleep period is 60 seconds.


Scheduled launching of workers is intended for use only in special cases.

The first choice for launching workers should be by the manager process in response to system state events (via the Next Workers Module).

The recommended way to launch the scheduler is to put it under the control of a process manager like Supervisor. Please see Nowcast Process Management for details.